Cover Design Language

An extention of Bootstrap to easily make Cover webpages in a standardised layout, as a temporary way to make all pages recognizable while waiting for a well designed corporate identity.

Get started

Getting Started

To kickstart your project, you can use the boilerplate we provide. To improve the load times of your pages, it is recommended to use the default boilerplate, which uses the CDL CSS files on the cover server, Bootstrap CDN and jQuery CDN. For projects that need to be able to run without any dependencies, or for local testing, you can use the Local Boilerplate, which includes Bootstrap, Jquery and Font Awesome.

Download Boilerplate Download Local Boilerplate

As an alternative to the boilerplate, you can include the files yourself. Make sure to include the right versions of the external dependencies.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="//" type="text/css">


CDL v0.1 depends on a few external sources, conveniently listed here. Even though CDL does currently not contain custom Javascript, jQuery is listed as a dependency as it is used by Bootstrap's javascript/jQuery libraries. All versions other than the ones listed below are currently untested.